Mission Statement

To build long lasting relationships with clients by providing superior customer service and financial guidance while treating each client situation as if it were our own.

About the Company

CLloyd Group was founded by Craig A. Lloyd to bring superior professional service to individuals and small businesses without the huge price tag. From his experience with a large public accounting firm and local tax office, Craig realized the major concerns with his employers’ clients were lack of attention and expensive invoices.

Craig’s goal is to deliver exceptional tax and financial guidance throughout the year by providing value-added services and being responsive to his clients’ needs. He believes the relationship with his clients should consist of more than an annual discussion and filing of federal and state tax returns.

Clients should expect their CPA to be a part of their major business decisions as well as be available for advice with routine operations. The CLloyd Group takes a creative approach to resolving client issues by embracing technology to be available 24/7 for phone calls, emails, even face to face meetings via Skype.

Attention to clients is taken to a whole new level with the CLloyd Group. All of your needs may be taken care of without ever leaving work, the office, your home, or more important, removing you from your operations. Clients can expect these services to be affordable with convenient payment methods as well.

Experience the Difference.