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Helpful Features on the IRS Website Worth Checking Out

Have you checked out the IRS Website lately? I’m sure you have it bookmarked and read the news and publications routinely like me. Okay, that may not be true for all of you since the Code can be pretty dry and difficult to translate. Anyway, this time of year you may find yourself making periodic visits to the site. Here are some helpful features and links that are worth checking out:

Calculate the right amount of withholding from your pay check with the W-4 Calculator Often times when a client who is an employee that has a tax liability due at the end of the year can prevent owing in the next year by simply adjusting their withholdings on their W-4 form. This calculator will help walk you through the process.

Get all the latest information from the IRS Newsroom Learn about tax laws that may affect your tax return. This section is helpful whether you are an individual taxpayer or business.

I encourage you to check out the IRS website if you are interested in utilizing these features or learning more about taxes. If you have any questions regarding your tax situation or filing please feel free to contact us.

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