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Uh oh….You Have Received an IRS Notice

Each year, millions of taxpayers in all income levels and industries receive letters and notices from the Internal Revenue Service. My number one advice to these recipients is to face the issue head on. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” I am pretty confident you will die before the IRS or the state’s department of revenue stops harassing you as they are known to be very adamant about receiving their payment or, at least, hearing from the taxpayer or taxpayer’s representative to clarify the issue. If a tax payment has been requested, procrastination will only work against you as the tax liability builds interest.

My recommendation is to read through the IRS notice carefully. The letter may only be a notification of changes to your account with no action required. In other cases, the IRS notice may request payment of taxes or ask you to provide additional information. If you are unable to decipher the tax jargon, SEEK ASSISTANCE! I will be more than happy to translate your IRS notice and provide the necessary guidance.

Remember, you are not the only taxpayer receiving these notices and there is no need to handle this yourself.

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